Founded in 2001, Blackspider soon stood out by their clothes design and contemporaneity of its collections, in a 100% Portuguese brand, from creation to execution. Inserted in a maximum demand standard  segment, the brand grew founded in two pillars that make its distinguishing factor.

Inhouse design, headed by Fashion Designer Cristina Barros, combined with quality materials and exemplary manufacturing processes, have led to the consolidation of numerous outlets in mainland Portugal and islands.

With the brand evolution and consequent internationalization into the european market, came the focusing in the Women segment, one of BlackSpider specialization segments and widely recognized by several collections with the signature of Cristina Barros.

Today, this women only inspired brand stands up as urban and contemporary, emphasizing the fine cut in the pieces and the use of new materials like natural silk, among other.

Cristina Barros, is nowadays a 100 percent women focused brand, that favors and breaths fashion in the fullness, in all stages of its life.

Ethics, honesty, respect, integrity and innovation are part of the philosophy of CRISTINABARROS , and are justified by the competence and experience of our professional team.